Questions regarding Nexus Card

Hi All, I am going to apply for the Nexus card and had a couple of questions regarding it:-

  1. Which process has lesser waiting time?- Global Entry or Nexus Card?

  2. At which locations are Nexus Card interviews held in Los Angeles and Vancouver? At which of these 2 locations can I get an earlier interview date?

  3. How long is it taking for approval to schedule an interview( the TTP procedure)?

My questions might be trivial but I am new to the process and seek advice. Thanks in advance for any help.

It really depends on a few factors - are you a US LPR? Or a Canadian permanent resident but have a different US visa?
In general Global Entry is faster if you are a US LPR/Citizen, NEXUS is quicker if you are an Indian Citizen since Global Entry for Indian Citizens needs a process on the Indian side that takes ~ 6 months. Not sure what the process looks like for other dynamics.

  1. Two separate things. Nexus = US, Canada. Global Entry = Entry into US made easier. You can apply for GE depending on your passport. E.g., Indian passports are now eligible for GE. Nexus is likely faster than GE but it depends.

  2. They’re only held at land crossings or PoEs. You’ll likely have to travel to a land crossing, or give the interview next time you’re landing in Canada. You should go through the NEXUS website and it will tell which locations are available.

  3. Varies, check on their website.

Note that you need a valid US visa AND Canadian PR card in hand before you can start the process.

Thanks @karthik.kannappan.k and @avj for your responses. Really helpful! A couple of more questions:-

  1. I was going through some blogs and got to know that people have applied for Nexus Card by using COPR too. Apprently they just used their UCI number for that. Any similar experience or knowledge on this?
  2. I was trying to do the same as I do not have my PR card as of now, but not able to do so as I can’t enter the complete number. (there are 2 more digits to it that I can’t enter)
  3. Is the UCI number on the COPR later on going to be your PR number as well?

Thanks in advance!

  1. You’re right in that the UCI number is what you will enter (it also appears on the front of your PR card as the “ID No”, because the NEXUS application insists on an 8 digit number. I applied after I had my card, so I also knew the expiration date of the card as well, don’t remember if the application needed the expiry date of the PR card. Note that this is different from the PR card number at the back of your PR card, but effectively is the only thing your NEXUS application will allow you to enter.
  2. My UCI was exactly 8 digits. I think the recommendations for those of you with 10 digit UCI’s is to use the last 8 digits, as far as NEXUS goes.

What did you end up doing ?
I.e, did you apply for Nexus card using COPR ?
I didn’t know that was possible until I saw your post . Now curious whether I can & should do the same as well .

You’ll have to upload your PR card scan into the application anyway. In summary, you can’t apply for NEXUS without first getting your PR card.

Thanks for the quick response.
Where do the interview happen ? One in Canada (with CBSA) & one in the US (with CBP) ?

It only happens at the border crossing (land border, or at the airport) where both CBP and CBSA are present at the same location. They will take u to a room where a CBSA and CBP officer will sit side by side and take the interview one after other. You don’t actually have to cross over into the other side, but just go to their office at the border.

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