Quitting current H1b job before moving to Canada

We are planning our move to Canada and I’d like to know what would happen if I quit my job on H1b right now, take a break for a month or two in the US (travel/visit friends/family, wrap up everything here) and then move to Canada (we have our Canada PR and PR cards).

Does the 60-day grace period after ending employment mean that you wont be out of status for 60 days after quitting (even if you are not looking for jobs in US?) or is it applicable only for cases where you are searching for jobs and your start date is within 60 days of your previous job’s end date?

Curious to know if anyone has any idea about this.


It’s a gray area . You do get 60 days if you are laid off but no one is clear if you leave it by yourself . I did check this with attorney and they told its fine ( not convincingly ) but recommended against traveling out of USA and coming back within those 60 days

I feel it’s a grey area too. We are not planning to come back to US at least for a year or two after moving to Canada, so no plans of doing that in the 60 day duration either.

I guess I’ll just go with the safer option of ending work 1 or 2 weeks before the move so that it’s not an issue later on.

Thanks for the reply :+1:t3: