Recall clearance letter: Volvo

Hi all,

Curious to know how one gets recall clearance letter (for RIV) for a Volvo without paying 1000$ for it?!!! The dealership I got the car from is not ready to give one and insists we get it from the headquarters.
Any help would be huge!!

I had to email to directly to Honda with some documents (proof of ID, insurance and registration) and got it.

I don’t think it’s given by a dealer. Probably I got the email address from RIV website, I’m not sure.

The email for Volvo is to get in touch with headquarters of North America and their website clearly states it will be 1000$ to get that letter :frowning:

I have Honda CRV. I need this. Could you please share the email Id of Honda

Send email to requesting a Recall Clearance Letter

with the following attachments:

Proof of insurance coverage

Proof of license


Not sure how I got that email, nor am I sure if that email address has changed. Ymmv :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton !

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