Recieved Request to Upload IMM 5475


I have been asked to provide IMM 5475 FORM today and one of the sections is asking for the details below. I submitted my application through express entry Online so just wanted to check what needs to be fillled here. I had filled my Wife’s name in the representative section.
Since the application was sumbitted Online I am not sure what needs to be filled in.
I have only 7 days to return upload this form


Hello NG2011,
I submitted this form when requested. I entered “IRCC” in the name of the office section. However left the Location of the office blank. I suppose you can mark it as Canada if required or the office address marked on the IRCC site. I had added “Permanent Residence” in the type of application.

I had no issues post submitting the form with the above mentioned details. I did enter all the other details correctly as requested. I suppose they are most interested in ensuring they have the authority to share information.
I suppose don’t forget the “check” mark “I authorize” under the ‘Choose one’ section:)

All the best!



Thanks for the Information and quick response. This really helps.
In our case, the Designated individual also happens to be my spouse.
At the end of the form there is also a place for the spouse to sign the authorization (if applicable). This is for release of information to the designated individual .
So i don’t think it needs to be signed by my spouse as she is the designated individual too and shouldn’t matter.Any thoughts on that ?


Hi NG2011,
You are welcome! Either way, if your spouse signs, it won’t change the the application in any way IMHO. However if you have any doubts you can email them to confirm.

All the best!



I agree, we submitted the form signed by both. Thanks again and hoping to get our PR approved.