Recommendation for movers from USA to Canada

Finally, after all the questions about EE process, looks like it is culminating.

Hope this is the right forum to ask such questions:

Looking for recommendations for movers from USA to Canada .
Also if anyone has experience using UHAUL from USA to Toronto, please share your experience also.


We used UPack container for moving from Texas to Toronto. It worked fine, arrived on time. Make sure you pack things well or things may break during the move. We hired people locally to load/unload the container.

Thanks @am1 , I have a similar move . Will ping you for more details

sure , that will be great.
what are your timelines ?

Hi - Thanks for the info. Can you please help with below:

  1. Can you share any local mover names you could suggest on Toronto side ?
  2. How does the trailer work ? I mean we plan to rent a condo. Do they allow these trailers or pods on parking side ? Any inputs will be appreciated.


  1. I just googled for local movers and picked the ones with good google reviews and called them up and told them about what needs to be unloaded/moved and they gave me a quote. I paid about $450 for unloading one Upack trailer into the house (no setting up) and they also drove/unloaded some stuff to the nearby storage.

  2. Parking the trailer depends on the property and neighborhood bylaws. Ours was a house and the trailer fit in the driveway. For a condo you would have to talk to the management, certainly there will be rules regarding that.

Good luck moving.

Thanks @am1. This is very helpful. I will explore the details you provided.