Reference Letter contains “full-time” instead of 40 hours per week

Hello again,
Read up a good amount of threads in this community, and feel well-prepared for the work reference letters part. Thank you!! I do have a question.

I have a couple letters from different employers from 2013 that include the required information, except the # of hours per work info. It does, however, call out that I was on a full-time position.

Checking whether this letter would work. Perhaps I ought to supplement the letters with some pay stubs (from that time) and/or offer letter.

Appreciate any insights or experiences with similar letter.

full time will work

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I would suggest that you include no. Of hours per week as IRCC clearly mentions it in their requirements. You don’t want to have any surprises in case they return the application. I realized number of hrs missing after submitting the application. People in this forum suggested to get an updated one and send it through webforms. They accepted it and it was a big relief as at least it confirmed there won’t be any surprises. As you have not submitted just try to get an updated one.

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Try to get a new letter that mentions 40 hours per week. If that is not possible, then in the Letter of Explanation explain why you couldn’t get revised letter and mention that I worked 40 hours per week as a full time employee.

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I had full time in one of my letters and it went through.

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