Refund from IRCC?

Hi all,

I applied for EE FSW (outland) with my common-law partner Oct 28 2020. In July 2021, we decided we wanted to try to enter Canada on temporary visas. I applied for a student visa (was going to attend UBC at the time) and my partner applied for an open work permit as the common-law partner of a student. Shortly after submitting those apps (and before receiving any processing updates on them), we decided this plan wasn’t going to work for us (long story), and we rescinded those applications. We kept our EE FSW app and are still waiting on that.

After canceling the temp visa apps, the confirmation page told me I should receive a refund or partial refund for the fees within about 16 weeks. It’s been almost 6 months and I never heard anything about a refund, but I believe I’m entitled to at least a partial refund.

Anyone know how to go about getting this refund?? I sent a webform awhile back, but never received anything in response. Any insight out there?

Thank you,