Regarding Bank statements

My bank gave a standard letter indicating current and average balance. Do I need to attach past 6 month statements as well?

yes, attach 6 month statements as well. It’s important.
Get it stamped from the officer if feasible.

@avj - Any thoughts on this?

thanks but they did not mention bank statements as part of the document list for express entry.

My bank also gave a generic letter stating the current balance and only the average balance over the previous 6 months when I sent my docs, no month-to-month balance was provided. I included my previous 6 month statements for both of my bank accounts (though I didn’t get 'em stamped) and my application went smoothly. My advice is to include as much evidence you think is necessary as possible. They’re only electronic files, so it shouldn’t really bother the officers if you include extra files, AND it’s better to provide them upfront rather than waiting for them to ask for it.

if u have the average balance for the past six months on the doc then it’s fine, but for smoother processing i will recommend add bank statement’s also.

I included the past 6 month statements. However, my banker (BoFA) provided a screen shot of the average balance for past 6 months and signed off on it. That is what I used. Nothing fancy like a letter.

Rule of thumb on all documents: Does this document alone provide all the information needed by the immigration officer? If yes, fine. If no, add the additional documents.

You will not be penalized for providing additional documents, but if there is gap or question due to lack of info that will cause delay to the processing.

I have 3 accounts and it will exceed 4 MB limit I guess. Can I just show the snapshot of balance for each month or should I include the transactions as well?

My wife and I together had around 8 accounts. We were able to compress the file size. You can look online on how to do it.

Snapshot should be sufficient. But remember it should be an official document. I.e. downloaded from the net. Nothing something you screenshot or take a snip of.