Regarding OHIP 153 of 183 day requirements

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I am looking for some advice/experience on an OHIP (Ontario health insurance plan) requirement, specifically on the 153 of first 183 days requirement mentioned here: Apply for OHIP and get a health card |

To qualify for OHIP, you must meet all of the minimum qualifications listed below plus at least one of the additional requirements.

To meet the minimum qualifications you must:

  • be physically in Ontario for 153 days in any 12‑month period
  • be physically in Ontario for at least 153 days of the first 183 days immediately after you began living in the province
  • make Ontario your primary residence

Here is my situation: I am going to be moving to Toronto in July with my wife and infant daughter from Bay Area. I am moving with my current employer who has an office in Toronto. I am sure they have some health insurance arrangement (need to find details, but I guess it is supplemental to OHIP and may be covers first 3 months if OHIP brings back the 3 month waiting period). Now, as per OHIP requirements, we need to stay in Ontario for 5 out of first 6 months (till Jan 15, since we land on July 15, for example). Now, my wife really wants to travel and stay in India for 2-3 months from October to December. I on the other hand will stay in Toronto and plan to be in India for 3-4 weeks in Nov/Dec. So, from PR card perspective, there is no issue as I will hopefully get PR card for all 3 of us before I go to India, so that they can come back with me without having to apply for PRTD.

I am worried on OHIP front due to 5 of 6 month rule. My wife and daughter won’t meet the requirement if we apply for OHIP as soon as we land in July. I have a couple of questions. If anyone has any experience/insight on this, I would really appreciate it.

  1. Would it work if I apply for OHIP for myself in July, but only apply for OHIP for wife and daughter after they return from India in December, since I will meet the 5/6 month requirement but not my family? Meanwhile, I can get private insurance (I heard Manulife is good) for them for ~3 months (July-October). Would there be any problem with this approach? I am guessing this should not be a problem, because this is somewhat equivalent to the soft landing scenario where you only apply for OHIP after you move for good.

  2. Just for my curiosity, how do the OHIP folks actually find out whether we meet the 5 of 6 month requirement? Once we apply in July, do we have to show some proof after 6 months that we were in Ontario for 5 of these months? This is just for my curiosity. I am definitely not going to try to game the system. I will apply for private health insurance for my family until they return from India.

I will ask the Canada HR rep as well. But I cannot contact them right now for some reasons. So just wanted to get some thought here.

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The Ontario health website is not updated or is a bit confusing. There is currently no waiting period for OHIP. You can apply as soon you have the necessary ID and Address proof documents ready.

Source: I moved to Canada on a foreign work permit 3 months ago and on OHIP for me and my family.

Thanks @OhCanada. My question actually is orthogonal to the 3 months waiting period being waived or not. It’s about what happens in case we don’t meet the 5 of 6 month requirement

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Don’t worry about that. It’s been 6 months since I moved to Canada. I haven’t received any post or email requesting me to verify my residency requirements. Honestly, I’m not sure how they would even verify or confirm that. I mean, they could definitely track your travel history but I doubt that they’ll care.

Ok, thanks @texan