Regarding PR Renewal

Hi All, I’m looking for inputs from someone who has renewed PR card without fullfilling the residency obligations.

I am a Canadian PR and I have been physically present in Canada for 630 so far. PR expiration is in August but I need to renew my PR card ASAP, as I have to travel for work assignment urgently.(I am Not a Canadian Full time employee)
As of today I am falling short of 100 days. Can I still apply for renewal? Has anyone done this before? What are my options here?

Thank you in advance!

I don’t think you can. From what I recall, the system asks you to enter the dates you were present in Canada and checks if you are eligible to move forward with the process. If it calculates under 730 days, I don’t think it will allow you to proceed with the application.

@MissMapleFry I started application to see if I can calculate the dates. So I have spent 1075 days outside and the rule says ‘If your total time spent outside Canada is less than 1095 days, you appear to meet the residency requirements.’ Application status shows Ready to Submit. LOL, it’s super confusing . Does that mean I am eligible to apply for renewal?

Honestly I don’t think you are eligible. It is clearly mentioned here that applications that don’t meet the residency requirements will be returned back: