Regarding - Work History in EE before ITA

Hi all,
I have question about filling my Canada work experience in Express Entry profile, I was working in Canada for same employer but for 3 different periods, So as of today (25th Feb) EE has awarded 3yrs of Canada experience points but from March 1st I will be getting additional 7 points as EE will consider my Canada experience as 4yrs as EE is taking only month and year for work history not with dates but if I calculate by days I will be completing 4yrs only on June 1st week.
I would like to stay in EE pool with my 3yrs Canada experience points (currently its 470) until June 1st.

My Questions are,

  1. Can I just keep it as its in profile and accept the ITA with those 7 additional points?
  2. Is it fine to remove Job 5 from work history as I already have 3yrs from Job 3 & 7?
  3. Is it fine to reduce 1 month from any of Canada jobs Job 3 or 5 or 7 so that I won’t get those automated additional points?
    Can you please someone tell me how to achieve that or best way to present myself for not claiming that additional points? thanks in advance

Currently my work history in EE profile (I have given here with dates):
Job 1) India: 16-June-2007 to 28-Feb-2010
Job 2) India: 01-March-2010 to 20-Sep-2014
Job 3) Canada: 22-Sep-2014 to 23-June-2017 (2yrs 9 months)
Job 4) India: 01-July-2017 to 18-Aug-2018
Job 5) Canada: 20-Aug-2018 to 29-March-2019 (7 months)
Job 6) India: 01-April-2019 to 18-Oct-2019
Job 7) Canada: 21-Oct-2019 - Till Date (Current Job) (4 months)