Request for photos for the PR card

Hey All,

We recently made a soft landing from the US. At the time of the landing, we were told that the PR card cannot be issued since we aren’t permanently moving and that we will need to apply for it once we are there.
We just got an email from IRCC asking us to mail 2 recent passport photos for the PR card within 180 days and also supply our permanent canadian address. We don’t plan to move there within 180 days and hence are confused as to what to do: Should we?

  1. Send them the photographs and a friends address in Canada?
  2. Raise the webform and tell them we aren’t going to be moving within 180 days?
  3. Ignore the notification? The email clearly says that failure to send photos within 180 days will result in a cancellation of the PR card request: “If you do not submit the requested documentation within 180 days of your date of landing, your PR card request will be cancelled and you will be required to apply for a PR card with an application, supporting documents, photos and processing fee.”.

Did someone else have a similar experience?

Yeah… Many do that to get PR cards on some mailing address you can maintain in Canada be it a friend’s address or something where some one get it delivered on your name…

Thanks @srhere . When we made the soft landing, we were specially told that PR card won’t be issued until we move permanently. Not sure why the PR card is being processed now. Is that expected?

@basky Did you get your PR card delivered to your friend’s address?

I got PPR request couple of weeks ago so I sent our passports and photos. But yesterday I got an email saying our photos got rejected and asking to resend.
Once I resend them, If they reject again, will it be a problem? will they return my application??

I took photographs from one store and my spouse and kid took photos from other store which is located in other state. Was that the problem?
I would appreciate if someone respond asap.

@basky Hi, I have some doubts about soft landing…2 months back we received copr and we are planning to soft land by next week…but in my copr landing destination is mentioned as Montreal…my question here is do we have to go to Montreal directly or can I do soft landing in any of US-CANADA border…right now am in Usa…