Request letter for additional documents


I got new message which is a request letter from IRCC and in that letter they have specifically asked me to upload additional documents on MyCIC account. They just have provided me 7 days to do so but the problem is I can’t find any tab or any line to upload documents. What am I supposed to do should I send them through WEB form? Has anyone gone through this same situation? Thanks in advance!

Please call them on there toll free number and check.
get your documents ready so that when thy open u can upload them.

Thanks for replying. I did actually call CIC the next day and they suggested me to send all documents via Webform. Now I am waiting for their decision.

I recently uploaded the documents they requested in a similar manner. There would be a link at the top of the page once you click on your application in your account, which would also have all the docs you submitted earlier.

@canada7 Thanks for your reply. Yeah, there is a link something called “ all your submitted documents or upload documents”. However, I wasn’t able to found any new tab to upload requested additional documents in that link. So, I send them those documents through IRCC Webform.