Request: Moving from Toronto to Vancouver

This is more of a Moving when Here post :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and that too a request at that.

I’m considering moving from Toronto to Vancouver towards the end of March ‘22

  1. Any Mover’s recommendations? What should I expect in terms of an estimate for a small studio’s worth stuff?
  2. Any dos and don’t s in terms of drivers license or other Service Canada related stuff to keep in mind?
  3. Is it possible to ship your stuff directly to a self-storage unit?
  4. Anything you you do differently from your experience moving?

Hi there,

I answered most of your questions in my post here After 4 years in Toronto we are moving to Vancouver - #17 by ketcomp

Hercules moving is great for small moves, they’ll give you an estimate based on the number of boxes/items. You can also check with them about storage once your stuff arrives in Vancouver. They can possibly store it in their warehouse. We had it directly shipped to our friends house.

We didn’t straight away sign-up a long term lease. We rented for a short while in the West End, through Vancouver Corporate Stays It gave us the flexibility to explore the city and different neighbourhoods.

For driver’s license, get your proof of driving history from Service Ontario Prove your driving experience. You need this in order to exchange your DL for the BC one. You get 90 days to make the switch for DL and health card.

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Yes, you could ship your belongings directly to the self-storage unit. I have done it.I just moved from my old place to a new one and my experience was amazingly good. I had someone helping me with the move, but this self-storage facility was so organized and clean, we easily found everything in no time. And the staff was organized perfectly so we could find everything that we needed. We just appreciate it.