Request to pay right of permanent residence fee

If you have received the request to pay ‘right to permanent residence fee’ then your application is approved and you’ll receive an email to send your passport for stamping soon. Good luck!

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Thanx for ur response sir,I did my biometrics on 27th June and it’s get updated in my account…but above that they mentioned that thy didn’t recived my biometrics yet.when I enquire them via email, thy responded tht thy have recived my biometrics.
I have another confusion with my case is yday I have recived this request to submit RPRF, but till now I have not received MR and in my account they r mentioning tht thy r reviewing my medical results. So plz help me what should I do in this scenerio?

I received a message on Oct 7th to pay my RPRF fess. I paid my fees on Oct 8th. Since i did not receive any update from CIC, I contacted them through webform on Oct 17th asking about my application status. I got a response saying that “they have sent me a mail on Oct 10th 2019.” They even mentioned that it will not be available in the message section of online application. But unfortunately i did not receive any such mail. Does anyone has any idea, what kind of letter/information we receive after paying RPRF fees?

Just call them & find out. Would save you lot of time.

They basically send you a PDF of the receipt in the email for the RPRF. Check your spam folder.