Role and responsibilities we must include in experience letter for NOC : 2173 (Software Engineer)

@srhere, @mrandmrs , I had a different experience with Infosys ( this was in Nov 2016 I don’t know if things have changed since). I asked the HR for reference letter for “visa purposes” and they said they only do it if it’s for USA I-140 process. For Canada, they flatly refused. So I had to print out their refusal email + all my Infosys job offer and resignation ack letters + reference letters I got on blank papers from former managers/supervisors. This stack, along with a letter of explanation explaining that Infy wouldn’t give a formal letter was my proof of experience with Infosys. And apparently it was accepted.

However if you can get a formal letter from Infy on their letterhead stating all the details, that’s the best.


Oh that’s too bad! I got mine just a few months ago using the email ID mentioned above. I came to know about it when I was going through other forums to figure out how to get Infy experience letter. The process might be relatively new.

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Need some feedback on my NOC.

Based on my past experiences

Pre Masters

  1. SAP Fucntional Consultant (NOC: 1122, Skill level A)

Post Masters

  1. Sourcing Specialist for 14 months where the skills overlaps with responsibilities outlined under Purchasing managers (NOC: 0113) Skill level 0

  2. Strategic Sourcing Consultant, where I consulted in supply chain sourcing but it also overlaps with management consulting. NOC: 1122, Skill Level: A

  3. Currently I am a Supply Chain Consulant (Manager Source to Pay is my official title) but I predominantly do supply chain consulting which also overlaps with management consulting. (NOC: 1122, Skill level: A)

However the key tasks in the consulting roles also overlap with the Purchasing manager NOC.

Given my case what NOC should I be selecting?

Any thoughts on the appropriate NOC?

If you guys need additional information, I would be glad to shoot you an email.


I would pick the NOC that I can get a “proof of work” letter for 3+ years of experience. You can also pick all 4 NOCs with one picked as the primary one. You will have to get proof of work letters for all the NOCs you claim the work must be done on a full time basis (1,560 hours = 1 year) or equal hours on a part time basis. Keep in mind you can only get points for a max of 3 years of foreign work experience. Also the work experience must be within the last 10 years.

Could you clarify 3+ years of foreign experience?

I worked in India. But after MS I’ve pretty much worked in US so far 36 months including current experience.

Foreign experience is the work experience you gained outside of Canada. And 3 years is the max you get points for so if you say had 10 years of work experience 5 in India and 5 in the US then all get will only get points of 3 years of it.

You should get a proof of work letter from each of your employers in the US so you can claim those 36 months of work experience.

My work experience spans 7 yrs across 3 different companies, but I spent over 3 years in my very first company. Does it suffice to provide just a letter from them or is it preferable to get it from my current employer? I am trying to circumvent the issue to having to dodge questions like why I would need a letter for visa purposes etc, given that my current employer is going through my US GC process(although I am most likely to be dead by the time I get my GC :wink: )

This is the minimum requirement for FSW qualification which it seems you satisfy since you have 7 years of experience against your NOC in the last 10 years.

You must have at least one year, in the last ten years before you submit your electronic application for permanent residence, of continuous full-time work experience (or the equivalent in continuous part-time work) in a skilled occupation listed in Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A or B of the 2016 version of Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC).

For Express Entry the requirements are similar where points are awarded for a max of 3 years. As per CIC they don’t mention anywhere that the proof of work letter has to be from the current or last employer. So as long as your letter covers the time fe you are claiming points for and is according to the letter requirements set by CIC it should be fine

On a side note its a common issue people have the solution for this is usually to say you need the letter for getting a visa as its a requirement for people holding your passport.

How long did they take to respond to your initial request for experience letter? Its been a couple of days since I dropped an email to and I am still waiting, actually panicking :frowning:

The initial response was received on the same day and I got the scanned reference letter within 2 days. I would suggest that you follow up on your request since it was pretty quick for me. Keep your PM’s or DM’s Infy email address ready since they verify with them before issuing the letter.

Wait a week or so and email again.

Hello All,

Need some feedback / suggestions on my NOC.

Both 1 and 2 are same roles but was working as a contractor for many months and later got converted full time hence the title is different

  1. Tibco Developer: Mixture of NOC 2173 and 0213

My role was a mixture of Fixing issues, overseeing development, coordinating with product team to gather requirements and stakeholder management

  1. Software Engineer

  2. Scrum Master / Official Title - Senior Developer - Mixture of NOC 0213 and 2171

Managed two software teams building APIs, also performed the duties of business/system analyst due to resource shortage.

  1. Project Manager

Even in other roles that I worked it was a mixture of 0213 and 2171 - I have been into project management and on the job had to wear multiple hats.

I have the following questions

  • I understand that roles dont matter but the responsibilities but each NOC has titles listed, what if the responsibilities I performed are in a different NOC and the title is not what I did - Should I just use the ones matching with responsibilities.

  • is 0213 the right one for project management

  • I have tried to get a letter from my previous employer but no luck so have the email conversation ready is that sufficient along with LOE. i dont have any colleagues as well to provide unofficial letter. I have an experience letter provided to me long back.

  • I have reached out to my previous manager who had asked a format for providing unofficial letter - Could you guys help if you already have a sample letter that I can use also does the job duties mentioned in NOC match exactly in the letter?

Thank you

You can take any template online and convert it to a reference letter as long as it satisfies the CIC’s requirements given here.

Your job duties and responsibilities on the letter should match the ones given on NOC but remember it’s a human reading the letter not a machine. So they don’t have to match word for word but it should make sense to any human reading the letter. Go through the NOC description that you choose and draft the letter accordingly; you know your experience best. Draft it like any other reference letter you would draft.

Try to collect all official documents that you can for the job position: job offer letter, paystubs, resignation letter. Usually companies have alumni services (e.g. Infosys has a alumni portal where you can raise a request for resignation letters, reference letters etc.). Connect with former managers/colleagues on LinkedIn to see if they can help in any way. And of course the refusal email from HR for LoE.

0213: classified as skill-level 0.
2171: classified as skill-level A.
Both should be OK. But remember you only need 3 years of experience to get maximum points.

Thank you anshul. Appreciate your response

@mrandmrs . Thanks posting email address for reference letter from infy .

Can anyone share the sample reference letter format please

Once you send an email to the Infy email address, they will provide you with a template. Check the responsibilities under the NOC code under which you would be applying and try to match your work responsibilities with those.

Thanks !! I got response from Infy HR, trying to get manager approval now :slight_smile:

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I was working at Infosys and got a roles and resp letter from them. I have 2 questions:

  1. The roles and responsibilities letter states only my last role. Is that okay?
  2. I was a SSE when I left (NC 2173). Can anyone help me understand if the following 5 points on my letter make me qualify for 2173

Engage in dialogue with client to identify and document requirements
 Work in an onshore-offshore model with scrum & Agile and Functional methodology
 Lead the team from offshore and come up with test scenarios and end to end testing of the system
 Document and knowledge transfer to the team
 Identify bugs, reporting it to onsite team and tracking it to completion.
The technologies / platforms that she worked on were: JAVA

Thank you! Your response will be of much help.

it would be better to get listed all titles/designations you have held in that job, if they are required for claiming the points necessary for 3+ years.
treat each title as a different job.

the JD looks fine, make sure it lists the number of hours or full time.

Thank you for your response.
At Infosys, they give the letter only for the last designation. Although they don’t mention the hours, they mention full-time on the letter.
Do you think I should get a notarized letter stating all the roles I held at Infosys and get it signed by a colleague?