RRSP eligibility in the first year of employment?

While I landed in Feb, 2019 and moved for good in Nov, 2019 I don’t have any Canadian income for this year and per the residency requirements I’m not a Tax resident of Canada.

I’m starting my new employment next year in Jan. Am I able to make payroll contributions towards my employers group RRSP or do I need to wait till the subsequent Tax year to start contributing to RRSPs?

Apart from the TFSAs is there an option/workaround to start contributing sooner?

I had a similar question and found your post. I believe you could contribute up to $2,000 if you didn’t file income taxes in Canada the previous year. Does that sound accurate to people with more experience on this? Thanks!

The HR at my company told me that I couldn’t contribute to a RRSP this year.

I’m planning to start contributing starting next year.

RRSP contribution for current year is based on previous year’s salary…
I think upto 18% of that salary.