RRSP, employer-associated vs. individual

Hi All,

My employer matches up to 3% on RRSP, so I’m considering contributing a 3% as well. I have a few questions:

  1. After contributing 3% with another 3% matched by my employer to my work-related RRSP account, can I contribute the remainder12% (18% - 3% - 3%) to my own RRSP investment account?

  2. If yes to #1, the 12% would be post-tax initially since I would be using my post-tax income towards my individual RRSP account - would this be accounted for when filing taxes the following year?

  3. If I decided to invest the 12% in US stocks, would I need to do the currency conversion myself to ensure the investment does not exceed the threshold - are there guidelines available for doing that?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


  1. Yes, but 18% is your limit. So, you can contribute 18-3=15%.

  2. When you file tax-returns, you get relevant rebates.

  3. You will probably have a specific RRSP account with a brokerage and contribute to it in CAD. Let’s say you put 1000 CAD, then that is what will be recorded off your annual limit.
    For anything in USD your brokerage with calculate the price+conversion fees+brokerage fees etc.

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