Salary Deductions Comparison between USA and Canada


I felt worth sharing these videos.

Let me know if this was informative.

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@akel thanks for sharing these videos.they were informative. i have subscribed to your channel.

nim mane renovation mugita? namge tumba yochne agogittu yaake hosa videos bartilla anta. nim apology accept madkondidivi. yochne madbedi /s :stuck_out_tongue:

Informative video. Thanks for sharing. I was under the impression that Canada taxes are higher than US but looks like it’s not. I didn’t know there are no state taxes in Canada.

@rangarajanm That is not true, there are provincial taxes in Canada. However, the CRA collects both federal and provincial tax in one payment, so they are often not differentiated.

Good to know. Thanks. The comparison in the video is not particularly useful then.