Schools in Toronto


Hi all,
We are planning to move sometime next year at the start of the school session but before that we are looking into the best elementary school towns for our kids so that we can base our housing decisions on that.
We are moving from US, so we are familiar with the US school system where schools are ranked.
I found this link for best schools rank
However, the top schools are many and was wondering if any of you folks could provide input on where to start. We will be doing our soft landing in next few months and get back to plan our move. So any inputs on the best school towns we should visit while there, where do most folks send their kids to, which neighborhoods to look for housing , any pointers on these topics would really help.


Unlike USA, where the school districts rankings decide the price of a location; here in canada the situation is quite different all together. Pretty much all schools perform alike except for the few in poor neighborhoods that are mostly located in the inner city.