Seeking advice on Intra company transfer and projected CRS cut-off

Hello friends,
I am a 40 yr old in the Bay Area, with close to 15 years of experience and currently working in one of the top product companies in a management role. I have a fairly decent overall comp and great future growth opportunities in US but since I came to US on H1B fairly recently from India, I have little chance landing getting a GC anytime soon - priority date is 2017.

My employer has presence in Canada and are offering Intra Company Transfer option to me (with a big pay cut though). I am OK taking the pay cut option for more stability in life but the challenge is that to get an ITA I will have to first spend an year in Canada to accumulate enough points - 50 points for 1 year experience and 50 points for job offer and even then my CRS score will be around 476, which is where the current cutoffs are trending today. My assumption is that with the recent update of French language speakers getting extra points (good for them, and they should definitely get the benefit), the cut-offs are likely to go higher in future.

I am worried that if I take the ICT option, giving up the professional growth and higher salary here, I may still land in a sorry situation after an year where I am not meeting the ITA cut-offs - a neither here nor there situation.

I understand that this is a personal decision and every individual’s situation is different but I still want to ask the experts in the forum if they have any advice for me.

Thank you very much in advance!

Since you’re 40, age is the only thing that will continue to drag down your Express Entry points. I don’t see any path towards PR unless you take the intra company transfer.

There are two things that you will gain by moving to Canada on a work permit that will help with your application. Firstly the points for Canadian work experience and secondly a strong possibility of securing a provincial nomination. While some provinces will hand out nominations to non residents most favor tax paying residents.

I’d advise you to research BC and Ontario’s tech PNPs and see if your role is covered under one of those. If so, after an year or so of residence with a PNP, the Express Entry process is going to be a cakewalk.

The paycut and slightly higher taxes (since you’re already in California) are something that you need to evaluate and decide on for yourself. Another consideration is career growth in that company away from HQ.

Thanks Panditji for your prompt reply and advice. Yes, you are right that there is no path for me to the Canadian PR without an ICT.

You hit the bulls-eye with your comment about the limited career growth and financial growth away from HQ. I am ready to give it all up in pursuit of long term stability via a Canadian PR but the uncertainty of getting that PR is weighing on my mind, and I need to take a decision in about a week’s time.

My role/job code is NOC 0213 (Computer and information systems managers) which seems to be an in demand occupations as far as OINP goes, but can I really rely on OINP considering there are very very limited number of invites per year under OINP? Does a score of 470+ with an year+ residency and job offer make it highly probable that I will get a OINP invite?

Appreciate your advice and insights!

I’m not super familiar with Ontario but know for sure that the BC tech pilot PNP program means an almost guaranteed PNP for BC residents in qualifying jobs

Thank you Panditji!

@hashbrown, Your situation sounds so similar to mine. This might help: I was in exactly similar situation as you last year when I decided to move here through an intra-company transfer. I applied for OINP and got it within 3 months. After that everything fell in place with the CRS and the rest of the process to get a PR. My NOC was 0213 as well.
Chances of getting an OINP is extremely high with that NOC and a job here. Good luck with that!

Wow Rajeev! Thanks so much for your reply. It does give me some confidence now to take the risk and pursue the ICT with my manager.
In your case, how many CRS points did you have when you applied for OINP? Did you apply after completing an year in Canada on the closed work permit?

My CRS was 461 when I applied for OINP. I did not wait for a year and applied immediately after moving to Canada. Was fortunate enough to get the OINP call within 1.5 months and the certificate within 3 months after submitting the required documents. With an additional 600 points, EE became a formality.

Thanks Rajeev! 461 is a great score.
Since I am stuck at ~400 , I will have to complete an year in Canada to get additional points to have realistic chance at an OINP invite. It is reassuring to know that NOC 0213 is (and hopefully continue to be) in demand job code.
Appreciate your replies!

@hashbrown Have you maxed out your scores in IELTS? do you mind sharing your Listening score if you appeared for IELTS?

@Rajeev My overall IELTS band score is 8.5.
Breakdown is:

  • Listening: 8.5
  • Reading: 9
  • Writing: 8.5
  • Speaking: 8.5

@Rajeev I had given my IELTS last year. I will likely have to do it again since it will expire by the time I submit my express profile so have a chance to improve current scores (or at the very least maintain these).