Seeking an Opportunity in Canada -Vancouver

The community in MovNorth has been helpful in the past. From the time i Filed my PR application to getting the CoPR and finally i always got valuable advice from this community and grateful for that.

I have worked in the US (Washington state ) and worked in full stack developer role for 7+ years. and moved to Vancouver recently. i m currently in the process of seeking Full stack developer Opportunity in the Vancouver Area. I recently started applying for few roles in Vancouver however i have not heard back much on any interview. Would be grateful if any one know ,

  1. is there jobs in the BC (British Columbia) for this kind of role? what kind of job portal i should check ?
  2. Is there high chance of getting jobs , if i mention i have US experience in my resume ?
  3. What kind of changes can i make in my resume to get an interview call ?
  4. Do i have to add my immigration status / nationality (Canadian PR / US citizen ) in the resume ?

Appreciate response

Thank you

@lamba.satbeer might have some openings in his company.