Seeking Tech Talent for Startups


I know most of us are trying our way to settle in Canada. I am starting this thread to look for tech talent/ co-founders to create startups both in USA and Canada. If you are looking to collaborate on any startup or looking for talent to create your own startup, please post in this message board. Of course, this is for very early stage startups who lacks funding so the compensation would be equity or share.




Count me in. I think it’s a great idea to start with partnership instead of through employment as the former would be more motivating and consequently more productive.

Just so to be a little clear, are you looking for co-founders or just as a thread for people looking to build startups in Canada? In the US I would think it’s not possible for most people in this community due to visa restrictions. Also have you heard about the new updated Startup Visa prog that Canada is now about to launch?

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Yes I am trying to find some co founders, but also looking for some tech experts like app developers who can collaborate on POC applications. We all eventually want to land in Canada, but pre planning the concept and business model is not going to stop us at the moment. Of course launching the business won’t happen because of the visa restrictions. I know we have a lot of tech talent who wants to settle in Canada, why don’t we join together and help each other before we move.

I have not heard of the Startup visa prog from Canada. Can you please share more info about that.


I am interested in discussing some startup ideas and see if there are some common interests, goals etc. I am a software engineer and very much open to doing POCs. I work full time and plan on doing that for a while, so, I would have to ration my time towards a startup accordingly, nevertheless I will keep my commitments. I am only interested in Canadian startups though.

I plan to write a blog post about this this week. In short its a visa allows you and the team to move to Canada and has a path of PR that is independent of the success of the startup. There are multiple ways to be selected for this some include getting funded / cleared by a select set of VC and Angel groups and others depend on paying your way into some designated non-profit startup incubators.

If you are in the PR process then this is of not much use to you. For others who have a startup going and want to move their whole team over and get to work instead of dealing with express entry this is a good option.

Launch academy is one of the designated non-profit incubators.


I am moving to Toronto next month from bay area and work on my own startup. I have built the MVP and working on to get feedback from prospective clients. Would love to chat if someone is looking to join a early stage startup .


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My name is Sam and I’m the Head of Programs at Launch Academy. If you have an existing startup, happy to answer any questions you may have about the Start-up Visa Program here.

Hi Shobhit,

I am interested in talking more about your startup and willing to collaborate. Do you want to have a quick chat, I sent you a personal message.


Hello All,

I am interested to Join Startup or Start New one. I am an Electrical Engineer and having experience more than 5 years. Please help me out, how I can start to build start-up ? And can I start my company as “Engineering services” in Automation field (Because it’s neither an innovative idea nor new product in the market)?


Hi Can you share details of the startup.

Count me in.

Hi ,

Are you still interested in collaborating on startup?
Would love to chat.


Hi Are you still interested in collaborating on start up.
Let me know.


Hey Shobhit! Though this an old post, i’d be open to chat about what you were able to accomplish so far on this and understand what your MVP is about.
Feel free to reach me out : swapnil9jan(at)gmail(dot)com