Self-quarantine after arrival

Hello all,

This is just a friendly PSA to let everyone know to please take the self-quarantine after you arrive very seriously. My husband and I have been quarantining since last week and since then we’ve had a couple of phone calls from officers and checked in to the app everyday as well. In addition, we’ve had an officer show up at our door to verify if we were quarantining properly and asked us a couple of questions about how we were getting groceries delivered, how we were getting fresh air, etc. Today we also had 2 female cops show up in a cop car at 8 pm to confirm our information from our PR cards.

Please do not take the quarantine rules lightly. I suggest you keep your phone on at all times as well since they show up at any time of the day. If you do not have a private yard or balcony, you cannot step out for any reason or you will receive a verbal warning or bigger fines :slight_smile: Stay safe, order a ton of groceries (we used Provigo and Cornershop) and uber eats and take this time to relax and plan your future in Canada.


Are you referring to the self quarantine as part of soft landing process?

Nope, this is when you move here permanently. I’m not sure about soft landings but from what I know, ANYONE flying in right now has to mandatorily quarantine for 3 days in a hotel and then at home if they tested negative for COVID upon arrival.

My wife and kid flew in about a month back. We got 2 phone calls everyday during the first week. Their question about how we get fresh air is a clever one. Thankfully no cop showed up at our door. Instacart is a life savior in these times.

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Oh totally. We have a separate entrance to our apartment but there’s a tiny balcony area that’s shared by 3 separate apartments. For the first few days we stepped out for 10-15 mins per day just to get some fresh air obviously making sure no one else was around as well. The officer gave us a friendly ‘verbal warning’ asking us not to do that again since it could be considered a common space. I highly recommend people booking an Airbnb with a balcony or private yard if possible since you’re free to use these spaces to get some fresh air :slight_smile:

Thanks for these inputs! Very helpful!