Sending Passports to CPC London from Denmark


My wife and I received the PPR sometime in April to send our Passport for Visa and we were told that we would be without our passports for 4 weeks. Since we applied from Denmark, we used the VFS global in Sweden and they in turn verified the documents and then apparently sent the passports to London for the final visa processing and we received a tracking number.

We got confirmation of reception of passports on 24 May and as it so happens we had a visit scheduled for 30 June 2022 and we thought that should be sufficient to get the passports back. A month later on 24 June, after sending webforms/calls/ we emailed the Immigration section in London and 3 days later they replied stating that there is backlog

Here is their reply…

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your message.The printing times in London are currently 10-12 weeks. Therefore, you should expect to receive your documents approximately 10-12 weeks after you submitted them for printing.

If you require your passport for travel then you can request that it is returned to you without the travel documents printed, and you can then re-submit everything for printing at a later date. Submitting it again at a later date will mean you will have to wait 10-12 weeks for your documents to be printed.

Should you request the return of your passport. Please note that a we cannot guarantee that returning your passport will happen before or in time for when your require it. Please confirm if you still would like your passports to be returned to you?

Kind regards,

Had they informed us this before sending the passports, we would have travelled first and then sent the passports back.

So if you apply via London, this might be some good information to know so that you can plan accordingly.