Shipping Boxes to Toronto

Hi everyone, I’m looking to ship two 20 boxes to Toronto from the US. I Checked with FedEx and they said they cannot ship the boxes especially if they contain personal and household effects via International Ground which is the cheapest option (~100$/box) because Ground shipping does not accommodate customs clearance. They are only providing Express which comes to a whopping 600$. Does anyone have a recent experience with Shipping Boxes with used items including appliances? Also any experience with using

@Raj92 Check with multiple Fedex locations/branches. In my case, one location said they can’t and a different location accepted it. FWIW, I did it through Fedex ground and transferred personal/appliances in mid 2019.

Thanks @th1ru , that’s reassuring. I’ll check with other FedEx or UPS branches. Did you have to attach any purchase invoices to the shipment or pay any customs duty before getting it delivered on the other side? Thanks.

@Raj92 No, I didn’t pay customs duty (or) attach any purchase invoices. Fedex will provide a sheet and ask you to list the value of each item in the shipment. In the sheet, you can group multiple things as one line item (say kitchen utensils). For other stuff, you can list them separately.

Oh okay. Thanks @th1ru .
this website can ship 25LB for 40 USD through UPS, if you directly go through UPS they will charge you 70$