Shipping from US to Canada- Suggestions?


I plan on moving my belongings from US to Canada (don’t know where yet- likely GTA) in the next couple of months depending on job market and other factors. I should be able to downsize to 4-5 large boxes and 3 suitcases. When I moved across coasts in the US, I was able to ship these boxes via UPS/Fedex ground for a reasonable price. The price for shipping across the border is still pretty reasonable but are customs an issue? Would I need to physically release them and then carry them to my final destination?

Also, has anyone shipped stuff directly to a storage locker in case I don’t find accommodation fast enough?

Please feel free to provide any tips or suggestions with my move. Thanks in advance!

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There are some other extremely detailed threads on this topic in the forum if I remember. Please search some older threads.

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Thanks! A lot of threads i looked involved moving heavier items but I might have missed them just like I missed the above thread.

Hello I am Indian citizen, we have valid COPR for me, my husband(Indian) and son(US citizen). Planning to travel to Canada by Air. We were not asked to retake any medicals and PCC, but we took an Upfront medical be on safe side when landing. Also, i made reservations for our stay. I would like to know did anyone being an Indian or any non- US citizens, traveled from US with valid COPR to activate/get their PR cards. Please let me know your experience. Thank you

Hello @shaanvee ,
There are a lot of posts by people who landed/softlanded in the post-PPR section.

But based on my own experience, I think you should be fine. Best of lucking with your landing!

Hi, We are in similar situation but not able to find a solution. Fedex says they cant send using FEDEX ground as these are used household items. They will not get custom clearance.
UPS does not give any option.

Anyone has any idea on this?

Hello, anyone waiting for PR card to be mailed to your/friend’s address? We are in Canada right now, waiting for PR card to be delivered. But we have travel plan to US and India. Can any friend of mine pickup the PR card and mail it to us? Did anyone did this in recent times. Please let me know thanks

Why not…
Many do that… It totally depends upon you…
If you are eagerly waiting to get cards in your hand then your friend can mail to you…
Otherwise if you have patience then your friend can keep it with them…
Next time, You can still enter Canada with a stamped copr through land border… But if you are flying then you need pr card for entry