Ship Bags From US

What would be the best and cheapest way to ship a few boxes and bags of airport check-in luggage size to Toronto from the US?
Does anyone have good experience working with some vendors recently ?

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From what i saw the cheapest way would be as check-in bags in your flight itself. Maye someone with more experience can help.

UPS costs approximately 100USD per large box, California to Toronto. I dont recall correctly what was the weight limit but it was more than airline check-in allowence. If you want to check the bags in, depending on the airlines, it can be 100-125USD or more.
It depends on how many such bags/boxes you want to send. I sent 10 boxes through UPS from the USA.

I have not had good experiences with UPS to be honest. UPS gets flagged for customs half the time I have used them. Before the pandemic, I once had to go to the customs department behind Pearson airport to pay duties and pick up my package. All that distance, in the middle of the scorching summer, for a pair of shoes!

If this is relevant to you, it might help to declare to the customs officer that you are shipping packages separately so they can make a note in their file.

I declared whatever was there in the boxes to specific details and none of the items were flagged for customs. All the items were personal goods (clothes mostly, tools, toys etc.). The boxes were delivered by UPS within a week, as promised.

Mentioning so that you have all the data points to make a decision. All major couriers (Fedex, UPS, USPS etc.) ship boxes to Canada.

HI @nik, I contacted UPS and Fedex and they are saying they cant do it. I am really confused if you were able to send then why are they saying that.
UPS straight away said they cant ship and Fedex said that Ground service can not be used for household items.
Please let me know if we can talk about it.

What exactly did you want to ship? Bags, suitcases or boxes?
I shipped standard large packing boxes that you can buy from UHaul stores.
Are you planning to ship something else?

I shipped clothes, cooking utensils, household good, photos, kids toys, books: all packed inside multiple large shipping boxes. We took all the boxes to UPS store and they took care of generating shipping labels, customs forms etc. on spot. A week before I shipped the boxes, my friend followed exactly the same thing without any problem. Each box took appx 80-90USD from San Jose to Toronto and around 7-10 days to reach.

Thanks @nik , I have exact same things that I need to ship.and I too intend to use home Depot ‘large’ boxes. Just 2 questions:

  1. Did you fill up any specific form(s)/checklist and pasted on the boxes? If yes, which form?
  2. At Canada port of entry,did you declare those boxes somewhere? If yes, any specific form that you used? And did you have to call/visit custom office later on with those forms?

Your response has been very helpful. Thank you so much in advance

  1. No, I took the boxes to UPS Store and the lady in the store took care of all the paperwork. Yes, there were details to be filled up and she did that on spot. Each box took appx 10mins to fill up and this whole process took appx an hour to complete.
    What’s the reason UPS is stating? I am not able to make any sense of it because shipping boxes is what they do.

  2. I was still in the US when the boxed landed in Canada. But nothing was stopped at the border. I shipped the items to my friend’s place and all the boxes were delivered at his place. It was a very smooth process.

Thanks a lot @nik . By any chance, do you remember what forms were filled. It seems that UPS store near us are not very much aware about the process.

Thanks once again for your time.

No I don’t remember. It was a UPS form, on the line of goods to follow. Details of what’s inside the box and value of items. I assumed it was their job to fill up the form. This is The service for which customers pay UPS.

If they don’t ship these items, what do they ship I wonder.

I’m planning to ship boxes via UPS and this post has been very helpful. Creating UPS lables online is cheaper as you can use coupons.

I’m wondering if I can safely send electronic items like a monitor screen, a large Bluetooth speaker and will there be extra custom fees for sending such items?