Shipping luggage from LA to Vancouver

Hi All,

I am planning to move from LA and wanted to ship some of my stuff to Vancouver. Nothing heavy (no furniture etc.), just some clothes and kitchen stuff. Would be helpful if you could give some pointers as to what would be the best possible way to do so.

Appreciate you help!


We used Fedex to ship boxes of clothes, kitchen stuff and books from Bay Area to Toronto. Fedex even has great packing service.

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@deepac how is it in comparison with Any idea about it?

@deepac I’m planning to ship by Fedex. How does clearing the goods with customs for the Fedex shipment work? Thanks.

Fedex will send you a bill later for the customs once you receive your goods on the other side. It was a nominal charge we did specify on the shipment that they are used goods ( clothes, books etc and nothing new). They’ll advice you on it.

I didn’t know about this site, we just looked at Fedex and UPS

For shipping just clothes, books, shoes etc - no furniture or electronics or anything - what was rough cost via FedEx or UPS for the volume/weight you guys shipped? Thanks.

Thanks for mentioning this site - hadn’t heard of it until I saw your post. Seems useful. If anyone has used it would love to hear about your experience.

Shipped household goods through Fedex. 65 lbs cost $100.