Shipping through Fedex / UPS - Permanent Landing

Has anyone shipped their stuff through Fedex or UPS during their permanent landing from USA?

I’m shipping two Home depot boxes with Kitchen utensils and other stuff.

I checked with Fedex and they said there will be no customs forms (< $100 value) and I can put the destination as one of the Fedex, Toronto offices. How do we clear the goods in this case?

I want to do this too.


Got PPR recently and sent our passports to Ottawa office on Jun 19th.
CIC account says our application was approved Jul 8th.

But I have not seen the return tracker activated yet - looks like they haven’t shipped it back yet.

Is that normal ? How long do they hang on to the passports after approval ? Any advise here ?

@th1ru - Did you ship via fedex or ups? What was your experience with this?