Short visit to Canada as visitors, after COPR

We were sponsored under the PGP program and finally got our COPR a few days ago. We are US citizens and have driven to Toronto many times before.
We had planned to visit family again on August 10, after the border re-opens on August 9.
We would rather put off landing for a few months because we won’t be able to stay long this trip, we haven’t worked out what goods we might want to take across, have not decided if we will transfer our car, and we have to sell our home in the USA, etc.
Will we be able to enter Canada (with negative Covid test) on August 10 as visitors, and not say anything about having COPR; or should we disclose COPR and ask to not be processed for landing this time?
(I had asked this question 17 months ago(!), I wonder what the current experience of people has been.)