Should I buy a car from US or Canada, as a cross border commuter?

I will start working remotely from Great Seattle area soon, but I haven’t bought a new car yet. In the first year or so, I plan to work in the US during weekdays and spend weekends in Canada. After that, I might move to Canada and try to work remotely from there for 2 or 3 years. I’ve noticed quite a few discussions and issues about importing cars between two countries. Should I buy my new car (or new-to-me car) from Canada or the US, which one is economically better?

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Hi @moose, I imported my car from the US and had no issues with the import. I followed pretty much the details in this video.

I have no experience buying a car in Canada but being new to Canada I dont think we might get the best financing deals to buy a car. If there is an option to import, I do think it is relatively easy to import.

All the best!

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