Should I get a PR or a work visa first?


Thanks Anshul & Vik. Just another quick question - do you guys recommend applying for companies and getting an offer first, or go through the PR process first and then use that to apply to companies?

While I understand some companies prefer candidates who already have a PR, just wanted to get a perspective on what is the best strategy to approach this?


There is a new fast work visa process called Global Talent Stream its currently limited to some skill sets like software developers. If you can get a job then companies could bring you in on that. If you apply for PR with a job then you get a ton of extra points.

Honestly its not very easy to get a job first without having some kind of work status so best bet is not to delay the PR process you can always reapply.


Is GTS option available for India? Thanks.


Global Talent Stream (GTS) is open to the whole world. If you have the skills (software development / management) and can find a match with a company looking to hire you then you can come and work in Canada on a fast work visa.

MOVNorth has partnered with canadian tech companies to help match foreign tech talent with Canadian companies looking to hire and if there is a match they do all the paperwork. All of this is at no cost to the candidate.