Should I specify my job offer as intended work in Canada? FSW with BC PNP & no LMIA?


I am in a dilemma and would appreciate your feedback.

I got my PNP nomination through BC via the Tech Pilot program since I have a job offer from BC. The BCPNP tech pilot doesn’t require LMIA. After the PNP, I got my ITA for FSW.

The FSW application has a section - ‘Intended Work in Canada’. It mentions that the job offer must meet certain requirements - either the employer should have done the LMIA for the job or I should have a valid work permit and should already be working for that employer.

Neither is true in this case and nor am I in Canada right now. The job offer is for future employment.

Should I still specify the job offer details in this section or just answer no? I am not claiming any points for this job offer on FSW (other than the 600 which I got via BCPNP).

If I specify the job offer, the system asks me for a ‘Letter of Employment’ which I don’t have.

Please help.



Hi @vishal1 could you tell me if the job offer you had received from BC employer is part of internal transfer? were you able to get PR through EE, by answering ‘no’ to ‘Intended Work in Canada’?
Kindly respond when you have a chance, this will help us a lot.