Should we file a single express entry application as a couple or two separate ones?

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Me and my husband both qualify to apply for EE. He is on his H1B , and i am on my F1 OPT. We don’t want to risk both our current jobs in case we don’t find new jobs in Canada before moving there.

1.Would it be more practical if I become the primary applicant so that my husband can continue to work in the US until he finds a new job in Canada?
2.If we land together in Canada based on my PR, then would my husband have the option of going back to his current job in the US after 2 weeks?
3. I understand that we will have to get the PR card to re-enter Canada. Can I stay back in Canada and mail his PR card to him?

  1. If both the husband and the wife are qualified for EE, there is another option in which they can file one single EE application and include an ‘Expression of Interest’ on behalf of spouse. How would that process be different from filing two separate EE applications by them?

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  1. Whoever has the stronger profile (younger, better ielts score, more educated) should be the primary applicant. If you want to add spouse as “accompanying” then he/she should also give the ielts and get ECAs done, to maximize your score as a whole.

  2. Both of You can come back immediately after landing, if you want.

  3. You can stay there and wait for PR card or you can get your card mailed back to you by a friend over there. You can also apply for PRTravel document from within the US after you come back so that you can renter Canada

  4. I’m not sure what you mean by Expression of Interest. If your spouse is “accompanying” both of you get the PRs at the same time. Doesn’t matter when either of you actually decides to move there. Once you’re PR you can stay there as long as you want till you find a job.


I have also read that husband and wife can have two profiles on CIC at once (where husband is primary in one profile and wife is primary in another, where the other person is an “accompanying” spouse). However if both get the ITA, one of them should be declined and the other one should be accepted and completed. I am not sure how this works if you do not include your spouse in both applications as “accompanying”. @anon25417004?

I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind all this complexity with filing two applications. Just file one with whoever gets more points as the primary. For most PR’s from the US landing is a 2 day process. Feel free to stay in the US and hunt for the right job in Canada you have lots of time. Almost 3+ years to make the move.

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Thanks a lot for the information! we appreciate your help.
1.Please correct me if i am wrong. If we leave canada after a week and our friends can mail us our PR cards, we don’t need to get the PRTravel document to re-enter canada. And there is no risk that our re-entry would be denied.
i read some posts which say that the PRTravel document is given at the discretion of the immigration officers.

2.Also, we need to get the evaluation of our highest degrees only? we did MS from US and from India.
3. do i have to get a job experience letter from my current employer as well . I don’t want to inform them that we are applying for Canada.


  1. Once you have successfully landed you have the right to re-enter Canada. The PRTD is more for the airlines to let you board the flight. For crossing over land (in your private vehicle) you can use the landing document (after landing is done and it is stamped); might get some more questions but once they confirm you’re a PR they’ll let u in. As long as you fulfill the residency obligations (2/5 years) they won’t deny the PRTD. Of course every visa (including PRTD) is given at the discretion of visa officers in any country, but if you’re a new PR/satisfying the RO why would they deny? More often than not ppl who get denied have not met their RO and have stayed abroad for too long.

  2. Yes only ECA for MS.

  3. Ask for a letter discreetly for “visa purposes”. Every employer is different so use your discretion. And yes if you need your current experience counted you’ll need the letter.