SIN application over 1 yr after landing


I’ll be physically moving to Canada in a few days. I have a job offer letter and a signed CoPR. I did my soft landing in April 2019. But I don’t have a PR card yet.
Based on the website, it looks like applying for SIN card requires that you landed no more than 1 year ago. Looks like it will take 145 days or more for a new PR card to arrive. I would like to get paid by my employer in the meantime. I still went ahead and applied for SIN online but I’m afraid what will happen if my SIN application gets denied. Has anyone faced this problem before? Any ideas?


This is the first time I’m hearing about the 1 year deadline for the SIN, please share link to the IRCC website/resource where you found this information. If all your documents are valid and if there’s no such deadline, I don’t see a reason why the SIN number won’t be issued; it’s not subjective.

In some banks you can open an account without SIN number and they will request one after a while; you can use that for the time being to get paid.

Can you share the link mentioning 1 yr deadline for SIN? I was under the impression you could apply anytime for SIN

Thanks for responding… Here’s the link:

This is the specific text that I am referring to:

Permanent residents must provide 1 of the following documents:

  • Permanent Resident card issued by IRCC or CIC
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) issued by IRCC, accompanied by a travel document (for example, a foreign passport), or an alternate photo identification issued by a provincial or territorial authority (for example, a driver’s license) Note: If the COPR is used within one year of becoming a permanent resident, it is acceptable. After this period, the Permanent Resident Card is required
  • Record of Landing issued by CIC before June 28, 2002
  • Verification of Landing issued by IRCC or CIC when an original Record of Landing or the COPR is not available (for example, if it has been lost). This document is only acceptable to amend a SIN record or to get the confirmation of an existing SIN
  • Status Verification or Verification of Status issued by IRCC or CIC. This document is only acceptable to amend a SIN record or to get a confirmation of an existing SIN

Since I don’t have a PR card, I only have my CoPR which shows I landed in April 2019.

Banks dont need your SIN for opening a checking account but the employer would need the SIN to pay employer taxes etc.

I checked with my employer in Canada. They said they will continue to pay me while I have applied and I’m waiting for the SIN-the only requirement is to have a Canadian bank account for the salary deposit. Like you said, I can open an interest-free account with any bank without a SIN.
I don’t know how long it would take to get the SIN though. I’m really hoping Service Canada can make an exception cause this is a special case.

I will post here once I get my SIN number.

Hi @ash17 I am in similar situation. COPR more than an year old, so service canada isn’t giving SIN. I have a potential offer, which starts in a weeks time. I am really confused how to go about this.

I was able to work without a SIN. My employer just told me to notify them when I receive it. I waited for my PR card first(which took about 3 months) and with that in hand, I got the SIN on the same day by visiting a Service Canada center.
It wasn’t an issue with my employer. I got it from them in writing. They continued to pay me while I waited for my SIN.
Make sure you check with them first.
Good luck!

@ash17 thank you for the response. Was wishing there may be another way around it. I have applied pr recently only. So hopefully the employer will be fine with that. Anyway thanks.