Socializing in Vancouver

Hi Everyone,

Just shooting up a casual post for people who have moved to Vancouver and are looking for any new friends. I understand that meetups are not feasible during the pandemic, but would be nice to connect virtually through some groups and meet whenever feasible :slight_smile: I was thinking of creating a whatsapp/facebook group or even a group here where we can socialize. Any ideas are welcome.

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Great idea, in Toronto we’ve had couple of meetups in the past. This year unfortunately we won’t be having one. However we are all (Toronto MOV North folks) connected via whatsapp.

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So good to know that people from Toronto are doing it already😊 Anybody from Vancouver doing the same?

I came to Vancouver during march this year. I’m certainly open to connect with fellow movnorth community vancouverites. I’m not aware if any vancouver meetups happened earlier.

@tarzart it would be a good idea to create a whatsapp group I believe. Once more people show interest, I will create a group and share a link here so we can e-meet each other.

I’m planning to make my move permanent in the next three months. Please share the link here whenever you create one. I’ll be happy to join. Thanks!

Same here, I’m planning to make a move from LA to Vancouver in few months. Would be great to connect with people already in Vancouver.

So happy to see so many responses on the post :smiley: here is the link to the group.

Feel free to forward it to anybody who may want to be a part.
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@deepac Can I get added to the Toronto MovNorth group? It would be great to connect with people, moving to Toronto soon and would like to socialize and get to know new people who are already there.

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Hi @deepac

I have recently moved to Toronto and I would also love to connect with the Toronto MovNorth group. If there is an invite link would you please share it?

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@prasan @ragmehos happy to add you to the Toronto Whatsapp group, can you DM me your numbers. Thanks

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yes really good idea
i am in

Hello there,
I hope you guys are safe amidst the pandemic. We are planning to move our base from Newyork to Toronto the next 4 months. We gained a lot of information from Movnorth and really appreciate everyone helping each other and addressing queries!
We are really interested in getting to know everyone and wondering if we can be added to the Toronto group?

Appreciate the response!


sure I’ll add you to the group, also planning on holding a virtual meetup soon.