Soft Landing - Advice

Hello, my wife and I had received our COPR dated 17th December 2019 with the one-time entry visa that’s expired on 27th June 2020. We were not able to travel and complete our soft-landing due to couple of reasons - 1. Covid 2. Wife was pregnant. We are based out of Denver, Colorado.

This week, we received an email from IRCC asking us if we were able to travel to Canada soon. They’ve also mentioned us to reply within 10 days if we are able to satisfy all the 7 pointer condition laid by them. They’ve extended our medical exams till 13th May 2021.

Here’s the 7 pointer conditions sent by IRCC -
** You still want to travel to Canada to become a new permanent resident; please note that IRCC is not asking you to purchase a plane ticket.*
** You are ready, willing, and able to travel before the current expiry date of your medical exams, in your case, May 13, 2021. This validity may not be further extended, without you re-doing all immigration medical exam(s) and covering the cost for them.*
** You are ready, willing, and able to travel to Canada on a valid passport by May 13, 2021.*
** There are no COVID-19 restrictions to prevent you from leaving your country.*
** There is a travel route with zero or one transfer that you can use to get to Canada and that is currently operating.*
** Your plan is to stay in Canada permanently.*
** You are able to arrange and cover the costs to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Canada.*

I am writing this to seek some advice and understand few things -

  1. Is soft-landing still applicable. I have read a few posts here which talks about completing the formalities using the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel and returning back to the US on the same day during covid period. Can we still do this and avoid the 14 day quarantine?
  2. I am on H1B which is currently not stamped. Hence I wanted to avail the automatic revalidation. Is that still applicable and can I still use it?
  3. If after weighing the pros and cons, we are not able to make the move to Canada NOW but still intend to do it later, is it OK for us not to reply to the email. Does that put our application in jeopardy of getting canceled? (IRCC has clearly mentioned in the email to reply ONLY if we satisfy the above 7 pointers.) Hence the question.

Request you guys to kindly respond so that we can make an informed decision.


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Hi @rohitnatraj we are in the same boat. Wondering what you ended up doing. Did you respond to the email or decide to wait it out?