Soft-Landing and AVR at Peace Arch over Christmas Break

Hi there,

I received my CoPR for my family and I earlier this year in August, and I am planning to do soft-landing at Peace Arch bridge via Seattle, by land. My US H1 visa and my wife’s H4 visa are both expired, so I am planning to use AVR to do the soft-landing and then return back from the border.

I plan to do this on December 26th, so will there be any issues doing this over the holiday period ? Any recent experiences doing soft-landing at Peace Arch ?

A few other questions that I had :

  • Can I use a friend’s car to do the soft-landing and will this create any issues or will I need to use a rental for this ?
  • I would like to give a friend’s address for the PR card delivery, but is there a possibility that the PR card will not be issued since I did see a few posts where the border agent refused to issue the PR ? If the PR card is not issued, will it still satisfy the condition of entering Canada before the expiry of the CoPR ? What document will we need to use to re-enter Canada in the future ?
  • Will we need to show DSF186 and BSF186A forms for soft-landing ?

Thank you!