Soft Landing at Peace arch crossing, WA on 23rd Oct'20

My CoPR expires around December 2020 and I am currently in the USA on a stamped H1b. I had to either move permanently or do a soft landing. So had decided to do a soft landing at the land border Peace arch crossing (US- Canada border ).

Experience at Canadian Border:
Arrived at Seattle airport on 23rd Oct 12:10 AM and got a return rental* from Seattle Airport then drove to Bellingham, WA. Stayed the night at Bellingham, WA. The Canadian border is about 20 min drive from Bellingham, WA.

Documents I had carried for Canada:

  • CoPR
  • Passport
  • Goods to follow
  • any declaration
  • Address for shipping your PR card.

Arrived at the Peace arch crossing border at about 8:30 AM on 23rd Oct 2020. The officer at the checkpoint had some straight forward questions:

  • Purpose of your visit? (get my PR)
  • requested my documents (CoPR, Passport)
  • Are you planning on staying? (plan to leave immediately after the paperwork)
  • and security check questions
  • If this my personal car? (to which I said it’s a rental car)

After the above questions were answered he handed over my documents back with a yellow slip, then instructed me to go inside the building where the CBSA officer took my documents and requested me to sit down and wait. In about 20 min officer had finished doing the formalities and said my PR card will be shipped to the address given and my CoPR is valid for re-entry.

I had initially said, I plan to leave immediately because of covid restrictions, so the office walked out of the building with me and helped me take a u-turn and go back to the US border.

I was very transparent about my intent to do a soft landing and return back to the US immediately. So my overall experience at the Canadian border was pleasant.

Time taken from the time of crossing Canada border to returning back to US border: 25 min.

Experience at US Border:
At about 9:00 AM, I arrived at the US border. I had stamped H1b and all documentation were up to date.
The officer requested documents:

  • Passport
  • Stamped visa
  • I-797A

After checking documents, he requested me to for 2nd round of check and get a new I-94. Had to stay in my car while another officer arrived and 2nd officer had questions like

  • purpose of the visit?
  • what was I doing in Canada?
  • how long do I intend to stay in the US?

After answering the above question officer took my documents for verification inside the building. In about 30 min officer came back requesting a $6 service fee for I-94, gave my credit card since they did not take cash. After completing that transaction, the officer came back with a new I-94 on my passport and allowed me to cross the border.
Time taken to cross the US border was about 45-50 min. The overall experience wasn’t bad, just it took time. Probably they were busy and I was in my city on the same day.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Neither at the US or Canadian border, no one talked about essential/non-essential travel.
  • While taking rental do mention you are going to cross the border.
  • Give only those documents that are asked. They will ask for documentation by themselves.
  • Be transparent, they have people coming in all the time. If you are not doing anything wrong, not to be worried about.
  • Be well-rested while going to the border, the time taken could vary based on how busy they are. In my case, I was first in line.
  • I think, try going at normal morning hours like between 7:30-10:30 AM

All the best!


Congratulations on completing your landing.
Also thanks for sharing, this helps many others in similar situations in making their decisions.

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Thank you for sharing! I am also seriously considering doing something similar.

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@nitinj025 didn’t you need to carry proof of funds to show at the Canadian border. If yes are proof of funds supposed to be statement in a Bank envelope, singed by a Bank employee? Or we can just print the last 6 months of proof of funds and take it with us?

I did carry my bank statements for last 3 months but the officer did not ask anything

Were you able to apply for SIN number and bank account as well?

No. Will do once things are bit normal

Hi @nitinj025,
I’m in a similar situation, planning to do a soft landing through Detroit - Windsor tunnel. Just wondering did you hear any experiences from your friends/colleagues recently?

Not really, so far I know. That border has better chances of approval and easy process.

got my PR card after 90 days

@nitinj025 did you gave US address for your PR card or Canada address? Were you able to link PR card application to your online account? If yes then were you able to link the same for your family members as well?

I gave my friend’s address in Canada and he shipped the card to my address in the US. I do not have any dependents.

Did you friend had to attach a custom specific documents when mailing the pr cards to you


Hi @nitinj025 and others

  1. Has anyone (or someone you know) tried soft landing via land from Seattle recently? I am planning to go via car from Seattle in 10 days and trying to find out which border crossing to go through (if there are any restrictions on some of the crossings or not). Any advice would be very very helpful regarding how did you narrow down on which crossing to use.

  2. Also, it is unclear if they are approving the PR for folks who intend to return back these days, since the website says that we should be coming with the intend to settle. Anyone who traveled from Seattle via land recently, please share the experience or advice. Thanks a lot!

Hi @pkb and @nitinj025 - Could you please advise on the above?

@pkb : I also found these links which state that US will not let non-essential travelers enter via land. I believe F1/H1B/H4 are considered non-essential travel. Were you asked about this? @nitinj025 wasn’t asked about it as per the notes.

I did my soft landing in Oct 2020, there was no travel ban for Indians in the US back then. Right now I think you can fly to Canada since they have reduced restrictions to visitors if you are vaccinated