Soft Landing By Air

I’m curious about soft-landing options by air. I’ve seen many people posting about soft landing by road and returning to the US, but few posts about soft-landing coming from outside the US.

My partner and I have a pending EE FSW app. We are currently living in France. I am a US citizen, he is a French citizen. I’m having trouble finding clear answers to the follow question: when we eventually get PPR approved, can we do a soft landing via air travel and immediately turn around to France to tie up loose ends/finish jobs/etc here in France? If we do this, does this mean someone would need to mail us our PR cards from Canada in order to re-enter? Or could we alternatively fly to the US prior to re-entry and enter with just a COPR by land?

Thank you for your experience and knowledge on the matter!

Hello, we soft landed by air from US, stayed for few days checked out apartments and localities and came back to US to wrap up all. Remember currently PR card gets delivered im 1 to 2 months time period, so for next permanent move you would need PR card unless your passport allows you to enter Canada without requirement of any form of visas. But we went via air did same procedures at airport, very smooth and hassle free

You can still come back to Canada without PR cards… You need to travel through land border for that and with stamped COPR

Thank you for sharing your experience! So when you crossed back over the border you went by air? And did you have someone mail your PR cards to you while you were in the US or were you able to just use your COPR?