Soft Landing By Land in Saskatchewan Via Montana Border

Hi All,

I am planning to do soft Landing next year for Saskatchewan . I know many people who did Landed through Air. Trying to find out if any one know some one or someone did soft Landing for Saskatchewan via Montana Border it will be really helpful.

also I will be using AVR process to come back to USA . So trying to see if someone came back via Montana Border .

Soft landing through Air? With the 14-day quarantine in place, is it possible? Could you please eloborate.

My Mistake… I meant I know people who went to Saskatchewan via Air and quarantined for 14 days before flying back to USA.

I am looking for some one who went to Saskatchewan Via Road to Complete his PR process… he may have stayed 14 days or not , but I would like to understand if we can enter Saskatchewan Via Montana border … and if yes which is the best place as we have multiple border points.
Someone who entered Saskatchewan Via Road if he can share his experience it will be great … I was trying to find which would be the nearest airport on US side in Montana so that I can fly from Charlotte to that place … and than enter Saskatchewan via land.