Soft landing by transit


Just wondering if anybody has done a trip from US to India via Canada with copr in hand. Do they normally allow soft landing that way?

Also with current restrictions, is this even possible?

Since both Canada and India require a negative pcr test before travel, it might be very convenient if this is possible.

Any pointers around this would be appreciated. Thank you!

I have done this, back in 2018. It is possible and should be fine under normal circumstances. However, given current travel restrictions, I would not advise this. IRCC website specifically states that soft landing is not allowed right now as it is not considered essential travel. That being said, if you went to Canadian land borders for the soft landing, you might be able to complete landing and turn back immediately and that would likely be allowed (although it is at the CBSA officer’s discretion). If you are taking a flight though, they might not allow you to complete the landing process. If you are not sure though, you could call CBSA and check.

Thanks @canada7, I was just wondering if there’s a way at this point to do the soft landing without crossing via land borders.

It sounds like at this point I should be prepared to spend the 15 days quarantine period in Canada, take another covid test and then board the flight to India.

Best of luck getting a Covid test in Canada.

Canada does very limited testing and you need to have symptoms to get a test, at least in BC. You can’t just walk into a pharmacy or a testing site to get a test.