Soft landing experience

Just wanted to share my experience of soft landing, I decided to do it at Minnesota border since I had lived in Minnesota before and knew the area. I had called the Canada border office and they said I can complete the landing and return to US on the same day.
Booked a flight to Minneapolis, rented a car and drove to the border (did 1 night halt inbetween). Crossed the border, it was virtually empty, just one car in front of me. Then it was my turn, I handed the COPR and passport and told I have come to finish the landing. The officer asked me to wait, then after 10 min she asked me to pull over to the front of the building and wait for another 15 min. Then I was called into the building, asked some questions - why you are not moving now, whats your email address. phone number. Then another officer signed the COPR and asked me to initial in certain places and sign at the bottom. She also asked to what address the PR card has to be mailed. I provided my friends address. Then she asked me to go back to the car and wait. After 10-15 min 2 officers came to my car and said congratulations you are resident and your 5 year time period starts as of today. Then she showed me the way back to US.
Entry at US was empty. The officer asked how long I was employed with the company, then took my passport/I797 ( I had stamping) and asked me to pull over to the front. Then another officer came back in 5 min and handed over the passport and 797 and said I am good to go.
Hope this helps.


Congratulations! Are you going to have your friend FedEx over your PR once they receive it? I was wondering if anyone knew what’s the safest way to get it mailed from Canada to the US

Yes thats the plan. Maybe like overnight shipping.