Soft landing for COPR approved prior to March 18, 2020

Congrats, what address did you give to deliver the PR card? Do they accept the bnb address for quarantine and another address for PR delivery card? How do you explain giving two addresses? Can you use a friend address to deliver the PR card if you are still looking for permanent address and using bnb rental for quarantine? Thanks for your help.

We planned on staying at out relatives place after the quarantine. So we gave the official that address as our PR card delivery address.
They did not ask for any explanation regarding the 2 addresses but if they would have we were going to tell that we would not like to put our relatives under any exposure and would like to quarantine at a separate place.
They did mention that it is a good decision to quaratine at some place close to the border and then continue the journey, as, if you are driving and your final destination is say 2-3 hours away from border you might need to use rest area, stop for food, etc. and that is not allowed.
Not sure about the friend’s address thing as the border officials never asked us who resides currently at the address we gave for the PR card.

Thanks so much. Where do you give these addresses , do they give you a form to fill in or they ask verbally and you provide them these addresses? I am surprised they did not ask when you provide two addresses? One more thing, there is a post here about a couple who were told they can’t drive their US car without importing it and they were not ready to import their US car, what car you drove their, was it US car, did you import it? Anybody else who drove to the border , did you drive rental or imported your cars ? Most people here seem did not intend to stay permanently, at least not for the time being.

I gave the addresses at the border checkpoint.
I had typed a detailed arrival plan and quarantine plan with all the details on it. I just gave that paper to them and they noted everything they required.
We were the couple with the car issue. You can drive your own car for soft landing, but if you say you are landing permanently then you have to import your car. If you say you are there just to complete your landing you are fine with driving your own car.
Under current circumstances, since just landing is not allowed, we chose to say that we are here permanently and thus the issue of importing the car came up.

Thank you

Did you get any update on your PR card by any Chance. I also have h1B . I have some question with regards to AVR process . Can you call me or share your number. so that I can talk to you .

Vivek Sharma

Hi @harshalshah, so when you did this landing procedure, your COPR + PR Visa were not expired, correct?

Hi @Rpan,
May I ask what your timeline was for

  1. Reaching out to IRCC that you’re ready to travel
  2. IRCC’s response that you have quoted here.

We are currently ready to move permanently and have informed IRCC through webform, our detailed plan. But, haven’t heard back from them like several others.
Our COPR expired in Aug. We want to travel by mid-Nov.


Hi Viveksharmaz,
Currently the website shows it takes 103 days to get PR card for new applicants. It’s been about 50 days since I competed the landing and my relatives in Canada have not received the card yet.
If possible please ask the questions here itself so that others can benefit too.

Also, sorry for the late response.


Hi @ksk
Yes we landed prior to our COPR expiring

@viveksharmaz Apologies for the very late reply. I wasn’t checking the email address tied to this account. We still haven’t managed to complete the landing yet. I had a call with them and they said I should strictly wait for the next steps from the cic. So even after we informed them that we are ready to travel and gave them all the relevant details and all - I still haven’t received any firm answer form them - just that we need to wait. What is the situation with you guys?

Hello @ksk - First email to them was in late July and the only correspondence that I have received from them is below and so we have been waiting to hear back now from them :

" Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

We verified the information you provided and can confirm that your application is still in process.

All the required documents and information have been received by the responsible office for the moment.

Due to the ongoing situation related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), some IRCC offices are currently operating with reduced or critical staff only.

We are working on processing applications as quickly as possible; however, processing times are affected and any disruption caused by COVID-19 is not reflected accurately on our website. We will make all the necessary efforts to finalize your application as soon as possible.

Rest assured that you will be informed as soon as a decision is reached or if additional information is needed.

We hope the information provided is helpful in assisting you with your enquiry.

I want to know about the AVR process. Since I have to use the same only , so have below questions.

  1. what all document print out we need to carry .
  2. How about informing the airlines. Do we need to let them know in advance about the AVR process.
  3. Do we need to updated the AVR details on any border US or Canada sites .
  4. Any feedback or important points we need to remember while returning back to usa from canada.

Hi I saw your thread while reading about making a soft landing… I have a doubt… coPR approval date means when you received an email is that the date ? because I received the email in march and the issued date in my coPR is someday in June.

also, is it better to travel via road or flight? in the case of doing soft landing now.

Hi tvmkamal,

Thank you for sharing your experience. We are planning to travel from buffalo to toronto by Nov 2020. One quick question:

Were you able to apply for pr card? If yes, could you please explain?

We are not sure whether the officer at the border ask for address to send the pr card. If not, we are planning to quarantine, apply for pr card and come back to usa on the 16 th day.

You need to provide a local Canada address. Try to Travel by a rented car . because at the border if you say ur going permanently than they wil ask you about the papers of the car for transfer to canada.

Just let them know you are going permanently and plan to quarantine for 14 days. For PR card you need to provide a different address. You can provide any address of your friend or relative in Canada.

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I am also planning to travel but I will be traveling later. Let me knw how does ur soft landing go. Do share your experience here as it wil help us

Sure, I will post here. Just in case i forget, please ping.

@Swathy did you manage to travel? How did you soft landing go?

Is it okay to do soft landing via road now? My copr is expiring in dec first week and i am not getting any response from IRCC anymore on my question