Soft landing - friend's address not allowed for PR card?

I plan to do a soft landing in Windsor. Based on the post here link the author tried to give his friend’s address for the PR card delivery but the it was denied

IMO: Whose address is this?
Me: My friends’. But we will be staying there when we move.
IMO: We don’t send PR cards to friends’ address. You will need to send us a change of address form when you finally move here and then the PR card will be sent to that new address after few weeks. The only thing you can do is get a PRTD (travel document for those who are PR but haven’t received their card yet)

This seems strange since I’ve seen many people used their friend’s address in Canada for PR card delivery. Can someone please clarify this please?

It’s true. You can practically have it sent to your friend’s address but not per in IRCC’s books.

You will need to just give them the address and tell that you’ll are moving there. The mail will arrive with your name so you will need to ensure that your friend can receive mail with different names in his mailbox. Just to be safe.

Basically, give them just enough information. I will modify the conversation like this:
IMO: Whose address is this?
Me: I am moving there.

Thank you ravishchandra.

That’s a weird conversation and this is the first time I’m hearing the “address was denied”.
They don’t really care whose address it is as long as it’s a residential address in Canada which presumably you can get mail on.
Based on the post you linked, it seems an inexperience CBSA officer screwed up someone’s landing procedure royally (who forgets to stamp and sign CoPR!!?). Maybe he processed the PR card application, maybe not. Most likely the next officer could not do anything about it so she said they would have to apply for PRTD to re-enter Canada, which is fair given his situation at that moment. If the PR cards made it to his friend’s address, then there’s really no reason why they wouldn’t accept it.

In most cases you will get a CBSA officer who knows wth he/she is doing so worry not. Don’t give out too much information unless asked.
Most weird cases like these usually happen at the land crossing, so if you have a choice, just fly in to Pearson or something.

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Thanks avj. I think you are right this was not a normal case. Do you happen to know if the Windsor Tunnel is open 24x7? I think I’ll have to go there to do my landing.

I had the same experience. We did our landing on 20th feb. To make matters more complicated, I can’t lookup my application on the address notification web form and can’t reach the 888-242-2100 call center(hangs up after 1 ring). I have faxed the form 2 weeks ago but no updates are reflected on my account yet. If i could ask a favor, can someone (with a canada phone number) try to reach the 888-242-2100 call center number and see if the call continues beyond the first ring?

Does your account reflect updates on your landing. I only see 1 entry about “Your document is valid” for COPR