Soft landing in 2021(expired COPR)

Hello all,

Me and my wife were approved for PPR back in 2019 and our COPRs expired in Sept 2020. We were planning to travel in September 2020 but COVID happened and we couldn’t.

We’ve started thinking of completing a soft landing after reading a few posts about successful soft landings on the forum.

But, since we have an expired COPR, we also read about the 7 pointer questions that IRCC has been asking before they decide to issue an extension to the COPRs. If I read them correctly, I don’t think they have an option where we can reasonably imply that we’re aiming for a soft landing and NOT move permanently.

I was wondering there are folks here in the community who:

  • Have an expired COPR
  • Are thinking or have contacted IRCC to get the new COPR
  • Are going to soft land

How did you all answer the questions from IRCC?

I don’t believe there’s anything called ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ landing. There’s only one “landing”. In the forum, we tend to use these terminologies because we all understand the meaning. However, for Canadian border officials or IRCC, they will assume that you want to move permanently.