Soft landing in Toronto via Air Travel

Hello, me and wife are planning to go for our soft landing to Toronto. We will be flying from US, I will be using AVR to return back as my stamp expired last year. I am not sure due to current travel Ban in effect between US and Canada, can we stay in toronto for a week or so and return to US ? I tried reading all blogs but still there is confusion. We wont be making permanent move until next year but need to check in before Nov, 2021.

I think if you are vaccinated then you dont need to quarantine for 14 days.

I have a question for you, if your visa stamp is expired then can you actually go to Canada and come back without visa stamping based on automatic visa revalidation?

Hello we came to Toronto last week from the US, done with our PR process. My Husband have valid H1 visa until next year. As its been only a week. Can my husband go back to US by land border/Air travel without getting stamping at any US embassy here in Canada?

Shanvee: if you have valid visa stamped you can go back. If you passport visa stamp has expired but have valid i797 then you can go back via AVR but I have a question on that. I have not done this before and I am in same boat with regards to visa stamping.
Kaydee- your response will be much appreciated here with regards to AVR

Hello, yeah it should be straight forward. If returning within 30 days AVR works and I dont see any issues. You need to have current h1b document with active i94. Can you tell me when you landed did they ask anything about how long you staying at airport or was it straight forward.

No they did not ask about the length of stay,
Officer: reason for visit
Me: I have an approved PR
Officer: anyone else is yet to land after you?
Me: No
Officer: give us the address where you want your PR card mailed
Me: Gave the address
Officer: took signatures on COPR, and gave us one copy, SIN application info and said PR card will be mailed in 2months.
Thats it… and then we were lined up for on arrival Covid test and after its done, we are good to go. No quarantine as we are fully vaccinated and travelled from US and it was a direct flight to Canada.

Any info related to H1 visa returning to US will be helpful. Thank you

Thank you @Argup. Please post if you have any more info on this.

H1b can return to US, you need to have updated h1b and i94, so no issues there. If you do not have updated stamp on passport then return within 30 days to use AVR option. Its not an application its just a rule that will let you get back to US. But check the rule and what documents you need on the website.