Soft Landing in Vancouver

I am doing my soft landing in Vancouver and will return back to US in 5 days. I would highly appreciate suggestions on the following:

  1. Apart from SIN, what other official documents should i apply for (Health Card, etc.)

  2. Which bank would you suggest to open account with (in terms of benefits as well as getting credit card mailed to US address and start building history while still in US)

  3. Can i visit local job agencies and submit Resume in person and which one would you recommend

  4. Is it worth renting a car compared to Taxi fares for 5 days. Also, is there a weekly pass i can purchase for public transport?

  5. Which area would you recommend i book my hotel to get the best feel of the city I want to eventually migrate to

  6. Any place you would highly recommend i should visit on my first visit to Vancouver (tourist spots/local market/restaurants/shopping / etc.)

  7. Any red flags/ things i should definitely avoid or be careful of (neighborhoods/ scams/etc.)

  8. Literally anything you wish you knew before your own first/soft landing

I apologize for so many questions and again thank you in advance for all your time and help!

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