Soft landing -PCR test question

Hello everyone,

First of all thank you for the community . it has been a great help with getting answers to various type of questions.

I am planning to get my soft landing done by land border WA , USA through pacific highway in blaine. can you please let me know if i have to take a PCR test for the soft landing and returning back to US

thank you

@kalingaxe We did soft landing via Blaine as well. And yes, we did have to get a covid test done within 72 hours of the landing.

I’m not sure if this is still the reality but when we crossed, the Canadian folks asked us to do a random covid test even though we were vaccinated and had a negative covid test and staying in Canada for less than 5 hours. I guess it was a new protocol. That being said, it was pretty seamless albeit time consuming. We didn’t wait for the results. We came back on the same day. We got our results online.

thank you